In partnership with
Walman Optical Safety Eyewear

As workplace performance is highly dependent on excellent vision, for over 40 years, Bollé Safety has been developing safety glasses adapted to all eyesight’s. 

Walman Optical Safety Eyewear offers the gold standard of products when manufacturing your prescription safety eyewear that ensures you and your employees see safely on the job.

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The Must-Haves with Safety Eyewear

Prevent fogging on glasses from humid or cold environments along with wearing masks with anti-fog coating.
The addition of anti-fog coating is available with the Safety Prescription program.

 Alleviate eye and health problems with blue light blocking lenses.
Ask about coatings that will filter Blue Light Exposure.

 Exposure to flying Debris is a concern for workers.
Bollé Safety offers frame with foam kits that provide protection from debris.

Safety eyewear is important to the overall health and productivity of your workforce. As your partner, Walman Optical Safety Eyewear provides your company with:

 Customized safety eyewear programs based on your employees’ job tasks and your budget, with minimal administrative involvement for you.

 Onsite fitting and dispensing events for convenient, individualized attention to ensure the right fit from the start.

 500 product references: every model has a quality certificate, issued by independent laboratories and respecting the current standards.

 National network of optical laboratories and professionals to provide local service for all your locations.