Dear Customers, Dear Partners,

Eye protection in the workplace is our mission, protecting the health of everyone is collective duty.

This is why Bollé Safety continues its activity to serve all the people still working, with priority given to care personnel.

We have put in place all the safety instructions to protect our employees in each division: customer service, logistics, production, ...


Day after day, hour after hour, our teams are mobilized remotely or in situ to prioritize production & deliver the necessary references.

Given the current events, we invite you to anticipate your orders for glasses, goggles and face shields as much as possible.

We process orders in progress and administer new orders on a first-come, first- served basis within the limits of available stocks, with the exception of direct requests from hospital authorities, which are given priority.


This situation being unprecedented, we deal with it on a daily basis with the aim of satisfying our customers as much as possible.

Eye Protection is an important factor in limiting the spread of the virus during face-to-face contact, but also a mechanical barrier to prevent eye rubbing.

It is of course a complement to Protections such as respiratory masks and gloves..., common sense instructions and regular hand cleaning in particular.

We remain at your disposal to manage this exceptional situation in the best possible way.

You can reach us via our individual e-mails or via our website:

MELINDA WATKINS - Business Development Manager - EAST: 1-321-408-8695  
LYNN AURELIUS - Business Development Manager - WEST: 1-928-277-7080 
CUSTOMER SERVICE : 800-222-6553

Take care of yourself.