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​Bollé Safety
The vision of a specialist
A different vision of eye safety

Your vision is precious.  That is why Bollé Safety has concentrated its expertise solely on protecting people’s eyes and vision in the work environment.

With a strong international presence, Bollé Safety is a major industrial player working to detect all potential risks in the workplace and deliver concrete solutions that comply with all international standards.

From glasses to goggles to face shields, Bollé Safety products are efficient, protective, and comfortable.  Our products are distributed and worn throughout the world.

The only specialist in its field, the "King of glasses" takes a unique look at professional risks in line of business.

Bollé Safety products are sold across multiple channels of the industrial safety market. Construction, automotive, mining, offshore, oil & gas, power, food, and pharmaceutical are examples of the varying workplace environments where protective eyewear is required.

We offer customized eyewear protection and tailor made solutions to specific applications.

Specialists in Eye Protection
Comfort Equals Compliance

At Bollé Safety, we are constantly innovating to bring to each specific trade, effective protective solutions that are comfortable to wear. We know that that compliance in the workforce only happens when the product is both comfortable and provides the desired solution.   Bollé Safety develops complete product lines that are specifically tailored to the needs of its users.

At Bollé Safety, innovation will always be our driving force. Our mission continues around a singular objective: to detect all possible workplace risks and provide tangible technological solutions utilizing specifically developed lens applications and treatments that comply with the most stringent global standards.

Continuous Innovation